Asakura gallery on digital art space.

Asakura Gallery

a fantastic place in Tokyo,Japan

Real Paintings

created by Shuhei TSUJI

into Mosaic Art

inspired by Voronoi diagram

Image Processing Comupter Programs

made by Shingo TSUJI


This is a joint art project. Shuhei creates real art pieces and Shingo processes them by a computer program. There are two types of digital effects. One is a mosaic art inspired by Voronoi diagram and the other is Warhol like effects. The both of them are made by newly developed algorithms using machine leanring technologies unsupervised clustering and written in Python.

Shuhei TSUJI

  • experienced artist over 25 years
  • famous in Japan
  • many TV appearances
  • the owner of Asakura gallery

Shingo TSUJI

  • data scientist
  • Python programmer
  • publish over ten books
  • Project Associate Professor (The University of Tokyo)


  • OpenSea

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